Drums Not Guns - is a Dallas, Texas 501 (c)(3) non-profit membership organization devoted to stopping violence (increase the peace) through the power of percussion; to provide our youth with creative ways to re-channel negative energy...diffuse anger....build team spirit, self-worth, self-esteem, learn to listen better,....and community thru the power of percussion."

Drums Not Guns is a non discriminatory membership organization composed of all people. We welcome anyone who appreciates and values rhythm to join. We are cross-cultural and multi-cultural in our perspective. Drums Not Guns seeks to nurture, celebrate and share our world's percussion traditions, both old and new. Drumming is worldwide. Drumming is a communal activity that brings people together and we believe that all traditions have something to offer our communities. We support efforts to develop, revitalize, and appreciate these traditions within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, in Texas, North America and the world.

Our goal is to promote the concept of non-violence through drumming. We believe that when people come together to enjoy and play music, greater communication and understanding are fostered and we are reminded of our common humanity and inter-reliance. Drumming builds community and expresses culture. We want to make drumming accessible, and to create safety and community so that people can experience drumming and dance as the powerful forms of self-expression they can be.

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